Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Kalahari

We made it to our 2nd annual Kalahari visit. It was very enjoyable. The kids had a super time. We did not share the sad news until this morning, when we were safe at home. God is an awesome God. That's all I have to say. So far he has given me the strength to carry on. He has provided moments for me to keep in touch with our neighbors with out feeling too intrusive, which, is a fear of mine. My dad is doing "ok" and I am anxious to get down there. My mom is tense as can be expected. I am looking forward to seeing how things are with my own eyes.
C had a great idea to climb on this rope thing. Rick and S joined her. It looked a i too scary for me. They made it though. phew. Then C wanted to see the "Flare bartenders" at a restaurant. So here they are my 3 precious cherubs bellied up to the bar! We were hoping that a glass would not hit them so we would have to explain that one. It was very short and very entertaining. Just fancy juggling with bottles.We topped the evening off with"Chocolate Insanity" I wish you could have heard our sweet waitress. We couldn't remember the name, so, she said...."Chocolate Insanity? I'll punch that in." It was funny and a family phrase from the weekend.
Of Course there was swimming. I even went down 2 slides. I know!!
Here's M. She is so adorable. We gave her a candy bracelet for Valentine's day. She figured out how to work that and finished it in a flash. later she tried one of her flower buttons. OOPS. I feel kind of bad about corrupting her.
The hill billy Walsh family must have been good, because we have been invited back for a 3rd year. It is now on our calender.

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