Monday, February 02, 2009

The memory file

I know that it is usual for a man to forget.
At least the ones I know.
But Saturday night, I had asked Rick to bring home a piece of pizza from work. It was about 15 minutes before he was leaving. he forgot.
Then he put a pretzel in the oven for me and quickly forgot it.
Right after I reminded him of the pretzel, I noticed that "The Count of Monte Cristo" was going to be on. I remembered that Rick and tried to read that book in 1990. But I kept falling asleep, so we gave up. While Rick was on his way to the oven, I asked him, oh, do you remember the author of "The count of Monte Cristo"?
His IMMEDIATE reply....Alexander Dumas.
I find that very interesting.

1 comment:

bobbione8y said...

i bet i'm the one that tried to convince you guys to read the all time fave book :)

i hope you are not still waiting for the pretzel!