Monday, August 10, 2009

Bobbi's visit

I can't believe that the visit is over. It is Monday night and I am sitting here with Cookie and the kids watching Scooby Doo. Bob could not get enough of Cookie. But then who could. I find her a bit panicky and it tends to stress me out a bit, but she is a cutie. I enjoyed fresh from the back 40 garden South Dakota Tomatoes.... YUMMY!! This is a summer favorite of mine I made up: Tuna Fish, Mayo, Caesar Dressing, salt, pepper, tomatoes and noodles. Sometimes I add Avocado and roasted read peppers. MMMMMM...Thanks BOB. Oh I also forgot to photograph my awesome gift I got from Bob for my birthday. I will do that very very soon! NEATO and useful too :-)
I am now in full PC show and Week long Vacation mode. I need to be ready for both by Thursday. We are leaving Saturday ( I think) North Dakota Bad Lands to Black Hills South Dakota to South Dakota Badlands to Sioux Falls ( Bobbi's and Hobby Lobby :-))to home. It should be "fun" got the speakers working on the Laptop so that is GREAT!

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bobbione8y said...

oh my little cookie girl!!

i need you today, so that i can calm you down, and you can calm me down :)