Thursday, August 06, 2009

Meet Cookie

This is our new adoptee. Her name is Cookie and she comes with A LOT of stuff. She is sweet but kind of nervous now. Cookie is 5 years old and adorable. Bing is a bit pouty but doing fine.
An update on Ramses. He is doing a bit better, but not eating on his own. I need to force feed him baby food peas and squash. Puff gets baby food peas to balance his diet. He is none to happy either. As for this pose, It is very unusual. Ramses is never allowed near Puff, but Puff must know he is ill and is allowing him to lay on him. As of right now, they have been this way for 2 hours, and Ramses is sleeping. Very nurturing. K~

1 comment:

Karen said...

Cookie is adorable! I hope you and Bob are having some nice girl-time up there in the north! Hug each other for me, will you?