Friday, November 06, 2009

Bingy is 3!

Well, Bing is three today!
He has quite a wrap sheet for being 3.
Remember when he was fired for not waking the kids for school?
He kind of smells like pepper due to the fact that the spa shampoo
- pumpkin pie spice -
has gone punk by now.
I had to call the Dr. and ask why my dog smells like pepper,
then it dawned on me.....
pumpkin spice gone bad.
He is still adorable and incredibly bad.
He likes to get on the table and eat whats there.
He likes to pee in the house if the wind blows.
He likes to steal the kids food practically out of their mouths.
He torments the cat to no end.
He barks out the front window morning, noon and night.
He is well, a dog.
He is a GREAT start of a nap partner, then he needs to go and bark.
He always jumps up on the bed and lays down and puts his head in my hand.
He loves to go to Gram Grams and bark at her house.
He does love us and likes to show it.
He enjoyed his donut from the donut store this morning.
He dragged us behind him the entire way there.
He got to meet a few other dogs along the way.
He had a great birthday and we will have his party tomorrow morning. Bing has no boundaries. K~


bobbione8y said...

he is so cute from a distance :)

Karen said...

Man I love that dog! Happy birthday, Bing!