Thursday, January 14, 2010

an odd duck

This is the oddest duck. If you don't look at the neck and head. It looks just like a huge pigeon. It walks like one. The feathers look iridescent like a pigeons feathers. Then, you look at it with the head and neck and it just doesn't look right. I enjoyed him last night.
Of course, there is the ADORABLE cormorant. He is still with us, waiting to be transferred to a California zoo. They are going to get a special prize. He is TOO Cute. He follows me around and needs to check if I have his minnows yet. I let him look in each dish, much to his disappointment. I spray him down with a long shower, where he just flaps and flaps and flaps. Finally his fish are here and he needs to be in front of me to get them as soon as they hit the water. I don't know how he catches them so fast. I still can't see it. I will definitely miss him.

Did a lot of training last night. I enjoyed that. I was back in the flight room. It's been forever. I love the feel of the pigeons flying past my head and blowing my hair. I love being so close to the goldfinch and look at it's feathers.

I don't blog much about them, because I feel like a broken record. I just love it there. If only I could be paid for my passion. I would be a happy little worker. I am even getting better with the mammals. LOVE bats!! They are my favorite, but then there is the opossums. I seem to like the crabby animals the most. Hmmm, maybe that says something about me.

Happy this morning.

New Goal. I can't go in my nest until noon when I watch my soap opera. First day, doing ok.
Off to the store!

It's fun to heard around grumpy hissing swans. They are so big and so tough sounding, but they have nothing on the pelican. Speaking of which, we have not had one of those for a while, I miss them.

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