Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's like a zoo in here

So I have Cookie out to walk around. Bing is happily barking in her face and sniffing her. Then at one point he offers her one of his toys. Nala is on the counter eating one of my favorite plants, that I don't even see what interests her. I am worried it is poisonous to her, so I remove her, 4 times. She's yelling at me cuz the snow is still on the ground and all she wants is to eat her treats. She reminds me of someone. Puff was out yesterday for a good soak, a big poo, and a warm up by the lap top fan. Warm and cozy. He sat tilted with his eyes closed for a good hour. Now Cookie sits in a sprite box. Bing paces, and wonders what to get busy with next. Nala sulks off crabby as usual. The water pores from the filters and here I sit after getting 3 kids off to the bus. 2 of 3 were super crabby and upset. Tired! K


bobbione8y said...

cookie looks bigger than when i last saw her. those hips almost don't fit into the pop carton :)

K~ said...

isn't she sweet. I am getting her out this morning. Bing kind of goes nuts. Nala is skulking around, so, I need to wait until she settles down somewhere before I bring cookie out. Nala doesn't care much about Cookie, but cookie running free may upset her too much. K~