Thursday, January 28, 2010

zoo update

Work went fast last night. We were there for about 2 hours. Got bit on the back of my pant leg by an aggressive cormorant. Didn't expect that. Had to lift a small swan onto a towel. First time for that. Just love doing this. Yesterday, I soaked the land turtles and puff. He didn't like sharing his soaking time. You could see his disgust in his eyes. Bing is just too jealous of Rick holding Cookie. He just goes a little crazy. So Rick has to put Cookie next to him and hold Bing. What a baby!! Nala is trying to trick both Rick and I into feeding her her wet food at night. She just sits and yells at him, so he feeds her, then when I go by, she yells at me and gives me the "I'm starving" look. She is still QUITE mad about the cold weather and lets us know daily that we need to change things soon. K~

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