Friday, March 26, 2010

Occiptial Neuritis

Where have i been?

Not that many people check my blog theses days, but I do like to keep up with my life on the blog for my sake.

I have been diagnosed with Occipital Neuritis. This will make 3 major headaches for me that are now considered chronic.

I have had this head ache since March 2nd. I went to a neurologist 2 weeks ago and I am working out the dosage of a strong medication. I have had relief for 1 day and think I have figured out the correct dosage. Unfortunately, I am back at the head ache due to still working it out. Now, I am on Vicidon, and spend most of my day sleeping or loopy.

What is Occipital Neuritis??

The yellow lines are the nerves. This is what is pinched or inflamed on my left side.

The pain is generally caused by trauma in the neck area and/or whiplash of some form.It's
not considered an illness on its own, but generally a symptom of a greater illness. Because of the overall symptom it is, many things can trigger it. Statistically almost everyone will have experienced this to a varying degree sometime throughout their life. In some cases, it can get even worse (based on the underlying condition), to the point that the afflicted person can no longer function properly, or the overall lifestyle is affected.
Along with my chronic neck and head pain and my allergies starting up. I am a mess. As Rick puts it, "I was dealt a bad melon"
I can only do a few things in spurts and ware out easily. I have however, been able to keep up with the house and kids, between naps.

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bobbione8y said...

i miss your blog posts!

how's the noggin?