Tuesday, April 06, 2010

5 weeks with the same headache

I am still suffering from the same headache that came on March 2nd. That would be 5 weeks or 36 days. My schedule is all screwed up. I am back to napping during the day due to complete exhaustion from the medication. My head/shoulder ache starts up again around 7pm. Then I sit with it until I take Vicidon. I enjoy a pain free late evening until I got to bed at midnight. Then my day starts all over again. I am really thankful, however, that my other 2 headaches have been at a minimum. I am going to get a mri scan on Friday. Just to check things out. I suspect that it is the occipital neuritis. I am just a bit exhausted from this whole thing. But, I do know, even as I sit here in my frustration, I know that it could be a WHOLE LOT worse! I know that, and somehow, it comforts me. K~

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