Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 8 - yes i am nuts

right now it is almost 10 pm. I have been home today, staying out of the heat. The din is deafening at times. Usually the quiet times are so few and far between I hardly notice them. The house is staying relatively clean. Being in the sandwich generation is my new norm. This summer has been what I figure to be my initiation into the sandwich fold. Soon the evening fire will need to be started, I will curl up between my 2 boys and the dog on the air mattress on the living room floor, well essentially, it is the living room floor, and prop up my numb arms and fingers on one of the many pillows. ( I am up to being about 1/3 of a Norm Gamble) My thumb has been numb for about 10 days now. I thought it was the scrubbing of the floor around the oven, but, I know it is now my grizzled arms. Well, 6 more days of the Walsh "Bed and Breakfast and Lunch, Dinner, camp fires, conversations that go on and on." Well that's about it. Can't type no more. K~

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