Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I know I am just talking to myself (and maybe Bobbi :-)) but I have several things going on in my head today.  One thing that stands out is:

I wonder if anyone that I know eats food from a "regular" store that sells food, and not only in their organic section. Some foods I have in mind are fruit and veggies, frozen chicken strips, pizzas, waffles, milk, cheese. 

Frankly I am trying to find people that I don't need to feel shame every time I get home from being out with them.  I am quite tired of being sad about what I provide my family.  I am convinced that people must eat stuff from say Super Target (where I shop) because, if the didn't the store would eventually close right? Or at least stop selling food.  Rainbows and Cubs would close.  Walmart's that carry food would be gone. No fast food would be eaten.  

I was just starting to feel good about myself for buying fruit and cheerios to feed my family.  I have been buying meat and preparing it instead of having it all come from a bag.  I have been working really hard on providing only whole wheat bread.  I now find out that it's all bad and I have not even begun to do anything good for my family.  

I suppose I just don't get it.  I frankly know one person who, in front of me, fed her kids chicken strips from a bag. (thanks to you know who you are) I don't want to mention names because she, perhaps, feels like I do, and would like to remain in the closet. 



bobbione8y said...

okay. i'm going to bring back a memory. remember the *rant* awhile back about those %^&* minnesotans and their 'no plastic bag' rules?!

same people. same idiocy. do what God tells you to do concerning the food thing, and screw everybody else. not that He would recommend that ;) but i do.

K~ said...

Thanks Bob!! I was at Super Target today and doing my weekly shopping for the fam. I was so excited when I saw someone putting a 3 gallon tub of those awful cheese balls in their cart after checkout. Then alas, I saw they were hillbillies and I thought, drat they're one of my own kind. I just would like to see a standard human shop for what I do. By the way, In front of me a lady was buying organic something, i can't remember right now. BUT the lady behind me was buying organic free range chicken broth, and silk "milk". Need I say more??

No Less No More said...

I stumbled onto your blog.
Not everyone buys organic all the time, or some of the time. Try to eat healthy, pat yourself on the back when you do and don't beat yourself up when life gets busy and you eat chicken strips.

bobbione8y said...

i love the saying "i remember when my grandparents only ate organic food - they called it 'food'"

:) ha

K~ said...

Thanks for all the comments. You too Nancy ( on facebook ) It is just so frustrating to work so hard and then get a sense of guilt for not doing good enough. I am trying and will just keep doing my best. K~