Monday, March 19, 2012

Sam and Rose, it was like yesterday for me.

Monday Morning.  70 degrees outside and hot inside.  I am sitting here trying to feel caught up.  Nothing new or special just this and that.  It keeps me busy not only physically but mentally.  I don't like dropping the ball.  I don't like unfinished business.  It drives me nuts.  I have 2 cross stitch projects I am working on, and am slowly making progress, I have many more I want to do, but can only cross stitch one at a time.  I have several crochet projects I want to finish and others to do, but can only crochet one at a time.  Then there are the things I need to do such as "home making", finance recording, kids appointments, doctor appointments, med fills, rabies titers, shopping for the family, up coming birthdays, holidays and so on.  I guess I can't feel caught up, and that's ok.  Being a mom is what I can only imagine a mail sorter feels like.  They just keep looking down the line and more mail keeps comings.  Some packages are big, some are very small, some are broken or smashed.  All need to be touched and handled in some way.  When your done with one there are 100 waiting for you and the days go on.  So back to Monday morning.  I could be  Wednesday or Saturday.  I is just another day in the life of a mom.  I get my stuff in there somehow and have joy and happiness daily.  My kids keep me busy and I like that.  My Husband keeps me grounded and (I guess) that's a blessing.  God keeps me humble.  K~

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