Thursday, October 18, 2012

preparing to "earth" indoors,,,,

Something like this.  I got this off the net, it was hard to find.

Here are my directions for preparing a homemade "earthing" station. 

I will be soon going to prepare my "earthing" station for winter.  

Here are my directions:  You need to get One sturdy box/bin and One shovel.

 Prepare for some time outside to dig up some dirt. Fill the box approximately 8", just enough to dig you toes/feet in up to the ankles with good yummy dirt from the actual ground. 

Now just sit there and wiggle your toes and sip ice tea or hot cocoa depending on how cold/hot it is outside.  

The following is just an option.  If you do not want to be able to tear your sheets or bedding, couch cushions, your partner legs,  etc., you may want to wash your feet and put lotion on them.  Dirt is very drying to the skin.  Put socks on your lotioned feet to keep yourself from slipping and falling :).  

There you have "Earthed".  
No plug ins, no sheets etc. 
Just good wonderful rich soil.  

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