Saturday, November 03, 2012

Frantic crafting?

I tell ya.  I have been frantic crafting for weeks it seems.  Everything as of late has had a deadline and it had come far too soon.  My fingers can only go so fast.  I finished my sisters afghan.  I think it turned out well.  I sewed a costume for my daughter in 4 hours with small pictures on my smartphone.  I crocheted a mask for my son in about 35 minutes and now I am crocheting a amigurumi character for my sons friend by Friday.  I also have about 4 other projects that I have wanted to start on my own to get done and given for gifts.  Then there is the holidays, starting my other sisters afghan.  I need to sew a project that I wanted to get done for someone, 5 months ago.  Then there is my felting project that I am trying to learn.  That may have to wait......K~


bobbione8y said...

I love it! That is fab!!! Pretty impressive for a person in the middle of brain fog :)


love ya. hope you are feeling well today!

K~ said...

Thanks Bob. I have had 7 days of pretty good days. It's been nice. I am glsd. I need to pace myself. That's really hard. I don't do that very well. I know I have not gotten your B-day gift for you. I am sad. I will do something special :) promise!!

bobbione8y said...

you are not allowed to stress out about something silly like a bday gift ;)

your visit was a good gift to me.