Friday, December 28, 2012


Well,  I am hoping that Thursday was the last surgery of this year.  It went well.  For all you ladies out there, I had an ablation.  It was scary to think about having it, but actually, they took very good care of me, and I got through it with out any problems.  I rested all day today, doing a little here and there.  Percocet helps :)

I am looking forward to organizing my new year.  January has on deck for me a root canal, a crown, and 2 cavities to fill.... yeah!  Thought I may be taking a break from the doctor coats, gloves and pain!  Not the case!  But.... One day at a time.  

That's not for 2 + weeks.  For now, I have healing to do from my surgery.  Last week the stairs, the weeks before that, pain school, need I go on.  I think one of my goals for the new year, is not to define my weeks/days by my injuries/illnesses, but by what I am going to do that day. 

I'm lovin my exercises.  I really like to do them on a daily basis.  I have missed them for the last few days.  I TOTALLY LOVE the EXERCISE BALL!!! 


bobbione8y said...

what is ablation? i am thinking i do NOT want to know :)

sigh. today in church, we were told to think of things we want to hang onto, things we need to let go, and things we need to take on.

i think i know what you can let go of! or hopefully can!

love you :)

K~ said...

i am doing just fine. I just am taking things one day at a time... really. I try not to look too far forward anymore. It helps. Praying has been a really big comfort for me. I spend a lot of time in prayer. I also like quiet. It seems odd doesn't it Don't get me wrong, I like my tv :) but I like quiet :)