Sunday, December 16, 2012

Graduation from "Pain School"

Well 4 weeks of concentrating on wellness.  It certainly went by quicker than I anticipated.  I learned a lot and feel in control enough to keep moving in the right direction.  I have decided (a bit ago) taking things one day at a time is the best way for me to approach exercise and housekeeping.  These are the 2 most overwhelming tasks I need to attend to daily. I have, for a long time, taken things one day at a time, but with a family, it is hard not to get scheduled out too far in advanced.  School events, doctor appointments, dentists, etc.  keep me going filled with up coming anticipations.  Time for me get hard to carve in, but I did it for one month, and for 5 hours a day (that included travel time). So, I promised myself, that I can make time, at a minimum, of 1 hour a day for me.  I am doing 40 of exercising and 20 of relaxation/reflection. So I am moving slower but stronger.  I am getting things done but not as much.  I am thinking clearer, but taking on less.  I feel "Happy of myself" for all my hard work.  I have confidence I will be able to keep going.  K~

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