Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At a confused very slow SNAIL pace

Well how can I describe myself as of lately?... I am sllllooooowwww. 
I am confusable. 
I am quite muddled.  
It takes me hours, and I mean hours to get stuff done.  
But the best part, is that I actually am getting stuff done.  
I am getting through things and getting projects done.  But my new years goal involves the entire house over the entire year. I have until the end of April to get through the main floor of the house.  So as we get through the first of the 4 months I have little to show for it, but I can say, I have worked on it every day.  I have been thorough. I have been consistent.  I even like some of the progress.  SO.... I even though I am slow the most important thing is that I keep just ahead of my family.  That way, someone may even be able to tell I have done something!  K~

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