Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting night time sleep

Long Days usually mean short nights. For me lately, I am up early, about 7 am.  Then, I go about my day however it is planned or however it turns out.  Somewhere in there, it gets a bit crazy.  But as of late, I am used to that.  The one thing I can count one is the late late night.  I like to read.  I like to "wind" down.  I have a hard time just getting up and getting to the bed time routine.  I need to get the animals fed and put to bed.  Then it's my kids. Then it's me. Then once in bed I need to get everything set, pillows, blankets, wrinkles smoothed, this just so, that just so, then I like to check out Pinterest for a few minutes (OK, about 1/2 hour) then I read my book.  But by then my eye balls are so dry it hurts.  I try and blink, but there is now more liquid to go around.  Then I fall asleep a few times and wake up a few times until finally at about 2 I call it good and "go" and turn out the lights!  So I am going to try and go to bed by around 11 for a while so I can get ahead of this thing we call night time sleep! K~


Kreestahl said...

Glad to hear you are trying to sleep. I target 10:30 so maybe 11 to actually fall asleep. Since CPP I am staying up later...must get back to that schedule again.

K~ said...

Hey Kreestahl is this Denise?? Trying to place you :)