Wednesday, March 06, 2013

New years resolution

So one of my new years resolutions was to be late to everything.  That way no matter what, I would be successful at at least one new years goal :) 

The second (real ) new years resolution was to "squeegeeing" through my house over the entire year.  Cleaning it through and through.  Making each nook and cranny clean and purposeful.  If you know me I am organized by nature. I do have organization in my chaos.  But you wouldn't know it to see my house.  

It is March now, and I am still in the "Good" room, I call it.  We have a small house, so I really can't call it a Great room.  That would be exaggerating.  I have made progress.  But the biggest challenge hasn't been done, walking space. 

I have given myself until the end of March to finish the "Good" room.  Then it's onto the Dining and Living room, after which will come the bathroom, Cora's room and the boys room.  Then upstairs and down stairs.  

Hopefully, I will not need to start over.


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