Friday, August 23, 2013

life in .5 second moments

As usual, I sit on my blogs because they never seem finished.  I really don't know why I write them, or frankly who I am writing too. Well that's not true, I am really not writing to anyone, I am writing to myself and for myself.  Sometimes I post them to facebook, because feedback may be nice, or, I just feel lonely that day, or sometimes, it's got not real reason behind it.  This topic I have been sitting on for about a week now. I feel like I want to develop more of my thought and then hit the button.  I will probably ruminate more on it as the days and weeks go on.  It seems to be a theme for me as I hit middle age.

So I was listening to MPR today (a week ago) for just a few moments.  I was on my way WRC.  There was something said that resonated with me.  Someone was talking about a website that someone can create 6 second videos... The Vine.  It is catching interest around the media world. It's the "new big thing".  Actually to be honest it is intriguing.  As an artist, I think it is a fascinating medium. And of course like MPR they had another person speak about how he appreciated blogging.  He didn't like seeing the human attention span getting shorter and shorter to where now it is measured in seconds. Soon it would be measured in point seconds.  

It is odd that this was on, because it is something that I have been thinking about lately.  I balance most of my day between bullet points and long drawn out memos. I spend most of my days alone.  I don't socialize much.  I see people on a regular basis on Wednesdays for about 4 hours and that is about it. Otherwise I am alone.  My thoughts are alone, my creations are grown alone, and my conversations are usually one sided (mine).  

Although I am used to it.  I don't get much practice in actual true conversation. I long for it.  I long for topics, back and forth, give and take, adding to a topic.  Conversation is an art, I believe.  I think that it quickly becoming a lost art.  I also think that true reading with deep thought and reflection is going to be lost.  Even cinema and visual medias are soon to be dumbed down to the point the thrills can be crammed in faster to move onto the next thing.  

I have really slowed down when it has come to my "art" and my thoughts.  I have needed to for my health but also I have wanted to because of the respect I think that the creative process deserves.  It's not to say that "fast" projects do not have their place in art, because they sure do.  I am a big fan of that! Art should include expression of all kinds.  However, we should be careful to not cheat ourselves out of intellect, respect and creativity deserves. Sketch, re-sketch.  Deadline? When it is finished it will be done.  

Just take one moment in time and think about it.  The stories that that moment can tell. The inspiration that that moment can lend to our life our imagination is numerous.  Slighting ourselves by hurrying seems unfair.

So to sum up, celebrate the seconds, but take as much time and expression as you need to do so. K~ 

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