Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yes even more moments of South Dakota :)

 A most beautiful sculpture of a bison at the falls in Sioux Falls

 Sheep were the second animals to greet us.  The Prairie Dog was the first.

 Our favorite camp site in the Badlands.  The wind never disappoints. That is the wind not a bend in the tent or a balloon tent.
 Last time at the Badlands the Bison gave me a pair of sunglasses on a Bison patty.  This year they blessed my drawings, by taking one of my pens by the winds and landing it on a patty.  Yes, this really happened. 

 'nough said!!
 Look at this quaint shapeless bison.  Adorable.
 This not so little friend joined us one night by the lantern.  
 Look closely, there is a huge billed up of mud around sandals.  There was a HUGE storm the second night.  The tent folded in on us from the wind.  It rained in on us the entire time.  After the lightning and thunder past and it was just rain, the children went into car to sleep as dry as they could the remainder of the night. 
 I love camping....
 Even little Bingers!
 Cora in the AM after the storm.
 The boys after the storm.
Even my Kirsten doll got to come with and get a picture on this creepy bison :) K~

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bobbione8y said...

Lovely pics. I can tell you had a 'theme' going for the trip :))

is it wrong that the muddy shoes kind of made me a little woozy?

apparently, i'm becoming an 'inside' person...!