Saturday, August 10, 2013

What is it about the buffalo?

I have been asked why I love the bison so much.  I can't really put it in words.  To me, it appears obvious.  They are majestic creatures that demand respect and awe.  They are the largest existing land animal in North America.  I also love their scientific names: Bison bison bison (plains bison) and Bison bison athabascae (wood bison).  They are second to only the Asian water buffalo as the largest bovid on earth and we have them right here!! Man!  I also like how untamed they are, how fences can't keep them in.  Respect is obvious.  I was lucky to get a bit of wild bison hair from a wallow.  I have it protected in a display case.  It's just a small clump, but it is beautiful.  I kept the grasses that insisted to remain attached and will put it along side my photographs.  Next year I will bring the proper materials to get a hoof print cast. K~

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