Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm in a hurry to go to bed

It's another midnight on another day.  I am needing to go to sleep.  Day 8 of the same headache.  I think it is a migraine.  I say that questionably, because I suffer from a few bad ones.  And frankly, does it really matter which one I have? I mean it's there and it's annoying and it hurts.  I am on my way to bed.  I need to lie down now.  I really like to lie down.  I read a few pages of my book and then fall asleep.
I have come to the conclusion that my pain is caused from my sitting. I sit and I hurt.  I need to stand and move.  This however causes problems, because this adds to my overwhelming exhaustion.  So winded, I move around stretching and moving, moving and stretching as I tend to household, motherly, and care giving duties ever longing to sit and rest because I am overwhelmingly sleepy.  Back and forth my mind and body goes. Thrown in there is a mix of wonder and confusion.  What was I thinking??  What was I just doing??  What is the season?? Wait... was I doing something else before I was doing this? and have I forgotten that thing? and is it ok that I have forgotten it? Yesterday my husband came home at lunch and asked me - "Do you want the coffee creamer in the microwave?"

Sleep, time, activities, thoughts, plans, night and day.  These are just labels when I go through my life, at least as of lately.  I am most certainly and do not want to by any means, to appear to be just labeling these events.  All are remarkable in their own right.  To me, however, the just don't come in any particular order.

Good night or actually Good morning.  which ever. K~

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