Monday, December 09, 2013

Soap Box 1st Edition

If you can't make up your mind, please don't give me a piece of it.

Over my adult life, I have been given a lot of advice.  In all fairness, I've given my share too.  But the advice I get, is most often unsolicited.  It also, in my opinion seems to have a feeling of a throw down.

Like:  "Medication is not good for you. Doctors don't know what their doing.  How can you take all that stuff?  There has to be a better way."

or  "Make sure give your kids enough fruit and vegetables" wait, "Make sure those vegetables are organic." wait "Organic isn't really organic just because it says organic, you have to be up on what qualifies for organic."

Or how about the Yogurt scene.  First yogurt is good for you. Just plain yogurt. Then that is too fattening, make sure to eat light yogurt.  Light yogurt you need to watch out for that.  You need to eat 99% fat free or fat free that's the ticket.  Well I don't know what you are thinking, but if you are not eating Activia with probiotics so you can poop.  What you are only taking yogurt with probiotics.  You need to be eating Greek yogurt.  But still another scolding NO now we need to eat Greek probiotic yogurt.

Literally under 24 hours after I purchased "Elf on a shelf" I found out that it wasn't good.  That it was enough of a controversy that a more "wholesome" alternative to this implied "evil" character "Elf on a shelf" has now been created.  The persons comment to this post was of utter joy and relief that a product is finally out there for her to now obtain.  That she has been searching and searching for an alternative for so long now that her joy is immeasurable she can't believe how long she's been looking... seriously "Elf on a shelf"?

I have countless and seriously I mean countless examples of  challenges and opinions days being offered up my way.  I don't really mind I guess, if it didn't happen to me almost every time I talk to everyone. Hermit life looks pretty good some times.  K~

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bobbione8y said...

I love how you call it 'the yogurt scene' - ain't that the truth.

no idea about this elf on the shelf stuff, but i guess that is a good thing :)