Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Creativity is costly

and I don't mean materials.  

I am talking about the investment of commitment.  

I have made a decision to commit a considerable amount of time 
on my creative self this year.  

So I have spent 20+ days thinking of a direction or directions I want to go.  

Meanwhile, I am working on things.  I am focusing on color and things that make me happy.  I am working on creative spaces in my house.  Not just for me but for my family.  I have been taking baby steps towards quiet time.  
That is quite a challenge.  

So my investment is hard work. It is focus.  These are 2 things that do not come naturally to me anymore.  
I am easily distracted and defeated these days.  
I start to dream big 
and then 
narrow it down to a point that has no challenge left for me. 

I hope that this investment of commitment to creativity this year
 will help me feel a balance in my life.
 I hope that it helps me in the long run
 learn to rest my brain in my "happy place".


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