Monday, February 17, 2014

An unexpected adventure of a house cricket

Oh 12 cent house cricket, that I just bought at the pet store, that just got out of the bag. You chirp such a happy song of freedom.  You nestle into one of the wonderful hiding spaces.  Is the yarn tonight?  Perhaps a blanket or a pillow.  Or no, maybe you'll try some dust fluff you find in a warm safe corner.  Sing your happy song. Sing it and entertain us all for the night.  We all understand your joy. We'll see you scurry to and fro in the days to come until soon, one morning, sadly we will find you in the shower.  More than likely you will be limp and lifeless. Here is where you sang your last song.  You found your last home moist and drank to your fill.  What a trip you had, actually, really, it was an adventure.  You never could have dreamed of the things you saw on your way.  Oh you silly little house cricket. 



No Less No More said...

Maybe I should get a cricket. The snow banks in my driveway are 6ft high. To hear the sound of a cricket and not the snowplow may remind me spring will eventually come. Nice writting K!

K~ said...

Thanks so much. Yes, the snow is very deep here too. It is nice and warm today, 40 degrees!

bobbione8y said...

Nice writing, indeed! It did remind me a little that I smooshed a couple of dang-blasted 'house' crickets last spring, because I thought I was going to go insane, and I stalked them down.

Next time, maybe I'll be a little more like you are :)

K~ said...