Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Things I won't include on my resume as skills I have, but I should:

1.  shooting lizards off rocks with rubber bands
2.  keeping snakes (venomous or non venomous) out of the grassy edges of the road, while dad photographs them
3.  deciphering "collectible" versus "non collectible" animals on the darkened      roads while riding in the front cab of the van
4.  keeping in tears as small animals die in formaldehyde.
5.  NOT stirring up the dead bug settlement in the boiled drinking water jug while pouring water to drink
6.  holding the light while my dad photographs reptiles/amphibians in a swamp,    while getting bitten by various insects (never mind what could be in the                  swamp)
7.  holding my ears while dad shoots a gun out of car window, hits a tiny lizard at  quite a distance, then running to find the lizard
8.  able to find a bush to pee behind that doesn't have a poisonous animal ready to bite my butt
9.  knowing enough "real" Spanish to speak, as young as age 6, to navigate the Mexican markets for food, etc.
10.  able to eat gnats with my soup in a sugar cane field without a care in the          world
11.  having no issues with sharing my bed with wild turtles and other animals at night
12.  sitting on one side of the van, as to balance it on the edge of a cliff, so it won't go over it
13.  enjoying a hard bread roll (pan) and coke for breakfast everyday for a month
14.  sun screen is overrated
15.  learning how to get out of the water carefully but quickly as stinging fish were circling my feet
16.  timing bathing with the natural rain showers so I didn't leave shampoo in my   hair
17.  learning to spot enormous flat water spiders BEFORE they "vanished" so I   always knew where they were
18.  learning that creative thinking can stave off  hunger for real food for only about a week or so, then I'm really, actually, hungry for real food.
19.  learned that even if I don't move I am still super hot, I never did feel the breeze 
20.  learning that paths are your friends. That sometimes I needed to carefully         forge my own, Very carefully.
21.  when sharing a small bathroom with a rooster give him most of the room
22.  being able to know the call of a howler monkey holler verses a large cat roar
23.  rhinoceros beetles DO fly!
24.  knowing the difference between roads and riverbeds.
25.  learning to keep fear in check at a young age  "they are more afraid of you then you are of them."
26.  and Finally, I can laugh about  it now, I'm ok.

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aahana bhavya shrivastava said...

wow, seriously, speechless