Saturday, January 03, 2015

Day 2, 2015

No most certainly am I going to be writing and posting every day, at least I don't think so.  It is interesting how long my day was today.  It was the first "on purpose" day. I stayed home, I cleaned, I animal cared, and I attempted to painted and draw.  Soon it will be time for bed and I am proud I have successfully made it 2 days into 2015.  For me this is a HUGE step forward.  As I put in my FB post :

Happy New Year! 2015 hmmm what will you bring? For me...Surprises for sure. Spectacular adventure. Growing closer to newly rekindled old friendships for sure. Healing and embracing my natural gifts that God has given me. Stop reaching out to people but respect myself in 2015 through my art and writing and my care giving of my family, homestead, and zoo. Leaving others to their beautiful full lives. I will leave a door open for others to come in, those I have left a wake of pain, disappointment, and anger thru my continued journey with depression. So if they need to heal by reaching me I am here, otherwise in 2015 sharing on the subject will be minimal. Lastly I lost many close and dear contacts on and off FB, some very close. 2015 I pray very hard will be a time of learning what joy actually is a learning that me all by myself is enough to make me live a full and rich life. Have a blessed, rich, happy, joyous, full, filled with silly laughter 2015. Kirsten

I never did finish the post last night, I grew to tired and I started talking to Cora on her adventure to Duluth and Rick got home from Green Mill. So it is Saturday morning and I am cleaning up the computer and having coffee and donuts with Rick.  I wanted to finish this too and he likes to Facebook so how new?  But our mornings together are so important.  We also have a special program we watch together that is fun too.  It's hard to find time to be together but we have made some and that is nice.  

So far as of the morning of Day 3 things seem to be just about to the good level and I will take that any day.  As long as I stay in working ALL DAY LONG and never take time to think, I might be able to keep my depression at bay. That sounds doable, right? k~ 

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