Thursday, January 08, 2015

Tuesday, Wednesday Ah ah ... or is it Thursday...

Man! I have only a few LARGE hurdles I deal with on a daily basis with all this brain stuff going on.
And I have to admit, CONFUSION is taking the lead. Since early last year, I have had a very hard time with memory (close second) but confusion is by far taken the lead.

Age is most assuredly NOT helping.  But I must admit that days of the week all become one.  Day and night are recognized thank you Lord for light and dark, and I don't live in the Alaska or Antarctica.  I suppose by then I would not even care if it were day or night by now.

My Kids, ya... they are so used to answering to just about anything by now.  Saturday night when Cora's beloved was over, I'm calling for Laura about something.  My daughter answers.  I go out there after a few minutes shaking my head, looking at Dylan.  This is all the time here.  Cora just said yah.

So now I'm Karen, She's Laura, Sam is Bing, David seems to be either David or a frustrated YOU and Rick is still Rick for the most part.  Confusion.

I am glad FB tells us how old we are otherwise that would be anyone's guess.  Except early in my 40's I did gain a year, I thought I one whole year older for one year.  So around my birthday I found was turning that age and I was SO EXCITED i got to be that age for one more year.  I was truly happy :)

I think I mentioned this yesterday but I asked Rick last Thursday what day it was so many times that when he asked that evening what day it was, I just looked at him with a sideways tilt of the head and said "really".

So today I am trying to come up with a system that will help me navigate my day.  Something that will help me get to point B from point A. oh and. then once at B, I can get back to A again. Writing has helped tremendously. Getting thing out of my head has helped me free up a bit of space. But writing is overwhelming. All of those words I want to use that I can't remember where to put them. I need to do my deep breathing while writing.  That feels good.  So in my confused state, I think it may be just the reader who suffers.  Here's hoping that you all don't suffer through, and if you do, thanks so much!  k~

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