Sunday, September 13, 2015


Medusa is my beautiful adopted morph corn snake.  She came to me from a retired science teacher,  I had  2 tortuous from her all ready.  One tortuous has sadly passed but Natasha is still with us.

She, Medusa, had grown the habit of  biting and Eileen (the school teacher) was wondering if I could get her to stop doing that.  She also wondered if I could give her the holding that Medusa needed.

I started right away by holding her and getting to know her.  When we first had her, she struck out constantly.  When I would vacuum, Sam would hold her and she would strike out at me over and over.  By this time, however, she had never once broken the skin.

Only once did she break skin, that one day she decided my had needed to be bitten. I remember just scolding her. "Medusa!  I don't have time for this! you know that! Now just stop it."  Looking back I found it funny that I was yelling at a snake that wasn't even listening and for sure not caring about what had just happened.

Still makes me laugh, like I think she's taking notes.

Ironically, Medusa loves to slide through my ponytail and then she likes to slide up on the top of my head. That's where she likes to sit.

She loves her bathtub swims. She could swim for hours, but I only give her an hour.

Over the last few months she has slowed down. I have been watching her closely.  She hasn't eaten in 2 months now.  Snakes can go quite some time with out eating, so I am not panicked about it... yet. It's just sad to watch animals age.  It's possibly time for a vet visit.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Medusa.

 Medusa is just over 5 feet.  She enjoys her baths very much. 

Since she has stopped eating, she has lost weight.  Now her spine is quite visible.

She is very sweet and lovable now.  We are very glad to have her as part of our menagerie. k~

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