Thursday, September 03, 2015

What a long strange trip the morning routine it is.

It's kind of funny.  When I stop and think about what  I do every morning for my menagerie, all I can do is smile.  I am amazed that I do so much and yet it seems so little, perhaps because it seems so routine to me by now.

Eyes, eyes, eyes, everywhere, with feet paddling, beaks clicking, splashing, glass clicking, mouths open, meows, dishes clanking across the floor, kind of like an odd music piece.  It is quite impossible to overlook what is needed for these little critters.

I accept that this is the beginning of my morning.  A fresh day.  A day that starts with a once over on health and wellness of the each animal.  Then it is an assessment of each habitats water or tank of water, then the habitat it'self. I follow with lights on for everyone and a hardy good morning.  Not everyone is so excited to see me. Fancis for one, could really care less whether it is morning or night. Quailly is a spaz day and night, no matter what time.  The turtles always think it's meal time and lastly, the 4 lizards are ready with their escape plan at any moment.

I do a morning feeding for some, an afternoon feeding for others and a evening feeding for rest. It's amazing how all of this information has stayed steady in my brain through my bought with being sick.  For that I am very grateful. Some make it easy for me not to forget them, others however, are so quiet that it would be so easy to forget.

I love each of them. I care deeply for them. k~

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