Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nala the illusive

I am often asked about my cat.  Well yes, we have an adorable gray tabby.  Her name is Nala.  She came to us 14 1/2 years ago.  Her beginnings were kind of tragic, like a lot of our family additions.  She was found on one of my mom's friends property in a bag with her sister in a pond.  They were left to be drown there.  Nala got out but her sister sadly succumbed.  So Nala spent approximately the first 8 weeks of her life living in nature.  She must of come back to the bag frequently, because that is where she was found.  She has always been illusive.  She likes to pet herself on your hand.  When she is done, she usually yells at you and then kills your hand.  It is very important not to pull your hand away, or she will just dig her claws and teeth in deeper in order to kill you even more.  With that said, she has a very spontaneous sensitive side.  She loves her wet food and being brushed.  She can't get enough treats and enjoys spitting and hissing at Bing.  

Photographing her is a challenge.  She is always moving and very rarely is in good lighting.
So just like the chickens and Quailly, photos are blurry. K~

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