Monday, December 10, 2007

Count Down on Destruction

Ok I have not done a count down before, but it's time.

# of things destroyed

Countless paper airplanes

Countless Origami frogs

Countless meals off the table and counter

12+ books

3 lunch boxes

3 back packs

2 Halloween decorations (1 plastic, 1 stufty)

2 Christmas Ornaments
(tried a glass snowman attached to a glass bowl, -no luck)

2 favorite star wars figures of mine (rare and expensive)

2 Nintendo ds cords

1 camera computer cord

1 computer dsl cord

1 coat

1 math homework

1 pair of slippers

1 couch pillow

1 telephone

1 mommy's nerves!
And that's all I can recall now............



1 comment:

Karen said...

Ooooh, but he's soooooo cute! Are you ready to send him to me yet??