Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What will I be when I grow up???

Every now and again (pretty much everyday all day and night), I get all worked up and wonder "How am I going to make money for our family, AND enjoy what I do. I would love to sell my crafts. I know that is a dream. I have done craft shows, and have done well, but, I really don't know if I can do that for a living. Not so interested in that. ANYWAY. I ramble on. I just needed to brainstorm on this a bit. Sounds like it's time for a mind map! K~


bobbione8y said...

that's beautiful. i love it.

not sure about the "making money" part of crafting, but the "making happiness" part is the one sure benefit. i'm glad that crafting is something you love to do :)

we missed you on saturday, even though it was a really nice time. just 3 of us, very quiet, and 2 of the girls (cass and kristie) are quite the crocheters now! woo hoo!

i hope you got a start on your mom's scarf!

K~ said...

Started and finished. I missed you too. K~

Unknown said...

I love your adorable crafts. I have no idea how you do it with kids in the house. I wish I could find something that I enjoyed to do while I am at home child-rearing that would also help provide for the family. But, for now, I am busy enough just being a mommy.