Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Under Water World at the MOA

This is such a cool place. The kids, Rick and I went to the Mall of America's Under Water World. It is a must see. You need to get discount tickets, however, kind of spendy!!! They have Spongebob in a boat at one point. Why he lives in water?? still cute. There are a lot of koi at the beginning of the exhibit. They seem so friendly. I'd like a koi. Then there is a Wobbegong, a type of shark. It is sitting on the acrylic tunnel. Very neat. You can see sharks, saw fish, rays, etc swimming over the tunnel. Sea Turtle!!! :-) How neat to see them up so close. The kids with a school of gar. This is the only one I got. Sorry S and D look so psychedelic. I just loved it here. So neat!

Oh yes, and the kid cage, I mean the shark cage!! K~

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