Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OOHHH! is THAT all.....

Well, I just got home from my first night at the WRC. It went fairly well. I was busy the entire time and I, for the most part, felt useful. I finally have a count down list to do, but am not sure if I will do it correct, so bare with me or is it bear with me??.

Diseases i could enjoy: 8
rabies (only one that will kill you for sure!)
Lyme's disease
west Nile virus
avian influenza

Parasites i could get: 5

echinococcus mutilocularis
baylisascaris infection

passing of animal on shift: 1
ADORABLE quarter size snapping turtle

animals hand fed: 3

1 black American gray squirrel
2 gray American gray squirrels
pooped on: 1
1 VERY Stinky gray American
gray squirrel
loads of laundry: 4
it feels a bit different when you
have an industrial size dryer to use
bitten: 0
other injuries: 0

shirts that needed immediate
removal and washing: 1
hairs that i feel like i have in
my throat right now: 100

money earned: $0.00

feeling useful: priceless

getting back in the "work"
force: priceless

(not the real animal - stock photos in case you may not know what they look like :-))


KristieLou said...

I can't think of a more perfect job for you. It sounds so cool and so interesting!

I wish I was brave enough to do it!

Karen said...

Um, parasites???