Wednesday, April 23, 2008

no photos please

Happy Wednesday. It has been a LOONG weekend into the week. I will begin with Saturday night.

I get up about 3 am to let the cat out and use the restroom. As I am "freshening up" I hear a some one coughing. Oh my word..... that is not coughing. I look out the door to see my daughter barfing over the top bunk of her bed. My son sleeping below, unaware and the dog below, thinking it is raining mana from heaven! I am in shock and instantly call the barf patrol.....Rick. I escape into the computer room. Minute by minute tick by, for me, in horror. If anyone knows me, I in complete and total fear of barf!!! I need to keep the dog in with me so he does not help any further. After much time of cleaning and disinfecting, C gets a nice clean bath and is put into a comfy warm nest on the couch. Then it was onto the dog. Luckily I had not gotten to washing him that night. He needed it before bed. He had "helped" me with the dishes and got maple syrup and all over his head and ears. This had now hardend into a nice crust. So, I got the dog bathed as Rick did the clothes. We finally sat down at about 5 am.

What does Rick say next???

Well, as long as we're up................

Sunday, Me TOTALLY ill. Sicker than a dog. S got ill, C is still ill. D is not doing so hot. Rick no problems yet.

Monday, slept literally all day, evening, and night.

Tuesday, cancelled everything and slept til 3pm. Had a better evening. Over looked the house.

This morning, Much better. A little wibbly but doing fine. I even tackled a bit of the house.

Now on to the Volunteer job tonight!



bobbione8y said...

um. okay.

that answers the question of whether or not i might come to visit this weekend.

i will pray for y'all.


Karen said...

Oh, good grief. My heart so goes out to you. I cannot stand barf. I hope you showed your husband how much you appreciated him doing the dirty work!

bobbione8y said...


so happy for your volunteering job tonite, i am praying you don't get any half-road-killed animals to care for :)

maybe a turtle with an egg stuck in its butt :)