Friday, May 09, 2008

the study of contrasts

"Work" was fine on Wednesday. I can't however, get these 2 out of my mind. (remember, always stock photos. Can't take photos of the patients to protect their privacy :-)) Anyway. I got to clean the reptile room. There was 4 painted turtles and one Very Large Totally Awesome Common Snapping turtle. I proceeded to get their tanks cleaned out and reset up. I had to drain the Snapping Turtles tank and re set that one up too. He was so cool. He started walking around. All I could think of, is boy, you could get a lot of meals out of him. He was solid muscle and had spines that stuck out of his tail like an alligator. SO COOL!!
Then, in the back of the room, separated by a wall to walled in fence, floor to ceiling, was a lone female mallard duck. It was the one that was raped in the park. She has no feathers in on her head and was just a swimming in her pool.
I needed to clean her pen, pool and food out. The door was open and she wandered out into the turtle area. Then wandered back in to her area.
The words of the head volunteer still lingered in the air " if you leave to get something, just don't forget to keep them separated."
Nothing happened, but I just kept thinking and still am about the drastic difference between these 2 animals. (and how grumpy the snapper must have been for that warning)
I truly enjoyed that time in that room.
Notes taken away from that night of work:
1. A minnow tank shut in a refrigerator STINKS!!
2. Green Slurry is EASY to make.... water, lettuce and a blender
3. It takes a long time to fill little holes with grubs and then hope they stay in until you cover them with dog food.

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