Monday, December 08, 2014


Today I am recognizing Trust in my life.  
I am observing, just observing my animal friends in what they are doing and how they are handling their day.  They know that I will be over to see them soon.  They know that I will clean and feed them.  Their water will be refreshed.  Some will get a pat on the head or be held for a while.  They in their primitive way know they will get taken care of.  The plants wilt ever so and I water them.  I check the dirt I check the for dead leaves.   My children know I am here for them.  They know that I have always had their back.  It has come to the point where now they don't even look back to see if I am there.  They know I am.  They know I will be there to bring in the cookies forgotten for the party, They know I will nonjudgmentally listen to ANY topic they bring up.  They know I will discuss any topic that needs to be discussed. ANY topic.  My husband trusts me to care for their medication and doctor needs, and there are many.  He trusts me to care for all the animals.  He trusts I know where EVERYTHING is in this crammed messy messy house.  It really feels special to be entrusted with special people grow to be smart and strong people despite all their issues along the way.  I never once gave up on my beautiful children.  I know they wanted to believe I did, but they just knew I didn't.  
To me, Trust, is the time when you,they don't look back because you,they know your/their special person is still standing there smiling, maybe with a tear in their eye as you/they embark on a new adventure without you/them. 

Trust isn't easy but nothing really worth it is.  Trust takes practice. Trust takes falling down.  Trust takes redo after redo.  Trust is not a gift to open. Trust is always hard work.  It is always selfless. It is always concern for yourself and at least one other thing. You must rely on someone or something in order to have trust. At least that is what I think. When I need to pick up my Medusa the snake that likes to strike, I have trust that she is learning my scent.  I put my hand in her habitat with cautious respect.  She strikes less these days. I trust she trusts me.  It's beautiful. K~

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