Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quail catch up.....

For those of you that only follow my blog, I need to send an update.  
Qauilly is officially a boy.  

With quail there is a specific test one can do to determine if it is male or female.  If you squeeze their bottom and a foam ball comes out, it's a boy, no questions asked.  And well, the other day, it happened.  I know, I know.  

Quailly has been crowing loudly around the house for a few weeks know (another sign of a male) but I just though "it could be Quailly singing her beautiful song"... denial.  I really wanted a girl.  I was hoping so for a girl so there would be no need to have Quailly fixed.  

But alas my luck is often tilted in the "not your way girl friend"  So I will have 2 Quail and a huge vet bill some day, and I will love them both.  Sigh. k~

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