Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quailly the Quail

I thought I would start with Quailly since as of today, he/she is the newest to the menagerie.  The way I am figuring he/she was born in the week of June 10th. which makes he/she 6 weeks.  We hope to know if he/she is a he or a she.  There are ways that are not working.  SOOOO......I just need to wait for an egg to drop out.  That begins at around 7 or 8  weeks!  Really?? The male gender should be obvious by now,  All you need to do is squeeze their butts and a big white foam bubble is supposed to come out.  Well this quail here is just peeing a little and getting pretty irritated at me.  For the life of me I can't get it to work right so, I just wait.  Hey... I guess we all wait  :)

I adopted her from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  He/she needs a covey so I guess our Menagerie is hers/his covey.  Sam put her in the doll house I am totally redoing.  This is one of the unfinished rooms.  She LOVED the bed. She/he sat and picked at the blanket for minutes and minutes.

Then there are other things that Quailly enjoys She/he loves to be held, A LOT.  She also loves being rocked, sometimes asleep.

It's just crazy how she loves this so much.  I do this daily. 

So birds are so new to my menagerie and so new to me.  I just love my Chickens and I love my Quail. 

Oh yes and Quailly makes this very load call now.  Lots of cooing and quiet peeps but then there are these screams.  She/he will do this if she/he hears my voice and I don't go and see her right away.


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