Friday, July 17, 2015

The menagerie list

Sometimes the list of my animals can be hard to make, because I have so many.  I also get new adoptees and rescues often, so the list gets added to.  I think that a current list might be helpful and then I promise I will get some photos in here.  I do have several running down the side :) There are so many stories that go along with my animals some are hard to forget and some are fun to remember. 

The List:

1 Quail
3 Chickens
7 Water Turtles
4 Land Turtles
2 Snakes
1 Arboreal Frog
2 Water Frogs
6 Lizards
1 Millipede 
2 Bunny's
1 Hamster
1 Cat
1 Dog
2 Fresh Water Parrot Fish
Several Large Feeder Goldfish
1 Tank of small fish
3 Pools outside 
   2 With Brown Gold Fish
   1 With Bullhead
1 Cricket Farm
1 Meal Worm Bin
1 Meal Worm Egg Bin
1 Meal Worm Beetle and Pupa Bin
1 Super Worm Beetle and Egg Bin
1 Super Worm Bin (for growing up)
1 Super Worm Bin (for feeding Beardies)
1 Super Worm Incubation Bin (From Worm to Pupa to Beetle)
1 Carnivorous Plant that I have to special water and feed

I don't think I am forgetting anyone.  I think I have them all listed.  So that is my Menagerie.  That is who I care for daily, along with my 3 lovely children, oh and husband.  I love it.  It makes me happy. k~


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