Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What about that for a name?

So as I said before, I am shifting topics on my blog and moving forward.  I have decided to mix it up a bit and focus on my menagerie of fantastic exotic animals and a few domestic ones.  Our house is a zoo, a haven, a rescue center, a place where the unwanted go. What ever you want to call it, animals are welcome here. 

At the moment every Phyla is represented.  If you are a bit rough on your Animal Phyla, I will refresh you.

So many of you already know about all of my animals.  I look forward to share my Menagerie.  

I have also had the great advantage of doing some extensive traveling in my life.  I did a lot when I was quite young and again when I started college and beyond.  

Much of my travels as a child are not easy to forget.  They are filled with fantastic true stories and wonderful almost unbelievable tales that I am sure some will leave you not believing them.  

Lastly,  I really have no where to display my art, crochet, and other various projects I pick up along my way.  So from time to time I am going to put them here.  I am really not sure why.  

So that is it.  This is my new format of this blog.  On the right column, there is a space for updates.  I don't expect that will be changing soon, often or detailed.   It is just not prudent right now.  

Thanks so much for hanging on if you do and thanks for reading if you don't.


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