Saturday, August 01, 2015

Thank you!

Just a break in every topic on my blog to say THANK YOU!! Thanks for all wonderful birthday wishes today.  My day was really special.  This morning my sister came over, and we let the chickens out to roam the yard.  I also brought out Quailly and put him in our outdoor pen. He crowed like a tiny rooster almost the entire time.  Then we went shopping for Cora, because she is off to the BWCA tomorrow.  Built a new cricket farm have yet to start it. Then there was super and the cake.  Oh I forgot Francis was out.  I got a great big birthday poop from him for my birthday. So I also got a birthday shower whether I needed it or not. Yeah for me :)  So a few Bob's Burgers and off to bed for me.  Out with my sisters tomorrow morning for Birthday 2.  I will post one of my cake photos, just because it's chocolate ice cream cake :)  Thanks again! k~

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