Sunday, October 04, 2015

58 animals... is that too many?

A couple of days ago I took the time to count my animals.  I do this every now and again because it fluctuates over the year.  58 was the number plus 3 micro farms.  This of course does not include my family of 3 children and my husband  :). I don't have them all pictured some are hard to get on camera, but I have some pictured below.  Now if you read my blog or talked to me recently you know Medusa (pictured below) has passed away, but I still have one snake and her name is Mazey.  So Medusa is representing her.  Then Mama, Studio, Buff, Quailly, Quailly, Nancy 2,  Francis,  Buff, Perdi,  Lizzy, Jupiter, and Bing.  Sam helped me take some of the pictures.  It does take a while to care for all of these precious lives, it's what I do.

So if I were to list them all it would be as follows:

2 African clawed frogs
1 large feeder gold fish
2 anoles
2 long tailed grass lizards
1 corn snake
2 bearded dragons
2 tortoises
2 box turtles
2 fresh water parrot fish
1 hamster
2 bunnies
1 cat
1 dog
1 quail
3 chickens
7 water turtles
12 (or so) small fish
3 large feeder fish
8 brown goldfish (outdoor ponds)
4 bullhead (outdoor pond)
Cricket farm
Meal worm farm
Super warm farm

Phew.  That was overwhelming just to write.  I have quite a system down and my sister is the only other one that has it down.  Sam is catching on.  Now onto the plants... oh later on that I'm exhausted. k~

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